1. Interest. Tell us where to build next.

2. Sign-Up and choose your package.

3. Pre-Construction is underway.

4. Construction has started.

5. Schedule Install and get ready for Fiber.

6. Fiberhood is complete.

Please enter full street address. EX: 123 Main Street

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Interest Stage

Interest – No purchase necessary. The interest form on our site is merely a tool for us to identify which neighborhoods have the highest interest in fiber coming into the area. You are not committing to the purchase of fiber services. Once there is enough interest in your neighborhood, we will contact you about becoming a Fiberhood. Ways to spread the word: Social Media, Texting, Email, and Neighborhood Gatherings.

Sign-Up Stage

Sign Up – You built the interest and now it’s time to sign up for services. Throughout the sign-up phase, we will contact every possible home in your potential fiberhood & let them know it’s time to sign up if they are serious about taking advantage of our Internet, Telephone and TV services. A $25 prepayment will be collected during this phase and will be returned as a bill credit on your first billing statement after services are installed.


Pre- Construction – Once your neighborhood has received the required number of sign ups needed to build a fiberhood, we will add your Fiberhood to the construction project list. Engineers will begin working on the design, planning and scheduling phase. This whole process can take a several months to complete.


Construction – The first step in the construction phase is locating utilities. We do this so we don’t damage or disrupt any of your other services while installing the fiber. Once utilities have been located, we begin installing the fiber. This may include boring, plowing and/ or trenching in the right of way on the roadside. The next step is installing drops. A drop is a small cable that we use to connect the fiber cable at the road to the network interface device located on the side of your home or business. The completion of the construction phase entails splicing the cable that has been plowed from the road to your house to our main cable. Construction could be several months but is highly dependent on the permitting process, number of homes, size of fiberhood and the weather – all of which are outside our control.

Schedule Install

Schedule Install – Once construction is complete, you will receive a call to schedule a date and time that works best for you for installation. Our expert technicians will not only set you up with a Fiber Gateway and a Wi-Fi password but they will make sure your devices connect and work properly on the new network.



Fiberhood is Complete – Enjoy the fastest internet around!